It's been a while since we've posted a "Staff Styles" but what a better occasion to end the hiatus with than Halloween! The HE team loves to dress up so we challenged ourselves to style a Clam Dunk look as a Halloween costume, results varying from cute to creepy. Enjoy!


Hayley as Lola Bunny 

For my costume I went for Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes and Spacejam but brought into 2019. As someone who loves basketball and the 90s, this was an easy costume decision, especially since I have embroidered basketballs on the Clam Dunk Overall. I love how I already owned everything aside from the ears, so I still feel very myself, just a bit more ~cartoony!~ 

- @hayley_elsaesser

Shop the look: Clam Dunk Overalls, HE x Twik Colour Block Fleece


Cindy as Carmen Miranda 

Carmen Miranda was a entertainer from the 30s-40s known for her iconic fruit outfits. This is definitely a loose, 21st century take on the "Brazilian Bombshell", if my Nikes didn't make that clear. I added this sample rotten apple print silk scarf to recall her iconic, colourful headdresses. Fruit props double as a healthy snack. 

- @cindyjun

Shop the look: Lemon Spoke Top, Lemon Spoke Skirt 


Ethan as Clown

Despite the fact that I look like a clown all the time, Halloween is great because the comments and stares are a little more warranted. I figured the Thank You Overalls in a comedically large size would do the trick, and pairing it with this vintage polka dot button up would really pull the look together. I made a dumb hat, and blew up some balloons. Easy. I am available for birthdays, weddings, and trips to Ikea if you just want a little more attention.

- @ethanhanzelart

Shop the look: Thank You Overalls


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