Staff Styles is back and is officially going to be a recurring series in the blog! Take a look at the outfits we put together this week!

"Are you going to a Sheer Mag show? Do you feel like entering the internet? If you answered yes to both those questions than this looks for you. I paired these kindergarten-ready Eyegina Overalls with a classic leather moto jacket for full, time out, toughness. Threw on a mesh shirt and leather O-ring choker to let people know I'm down for whatever, and platform docs so I can always see above the rest of the crowd. Top it off with some @islynyc shades and I'm ready for cyber space". - Ethan (@sadie.mae.glutz)

Shop the look: Eyegina Overalls

"This dress is my go-to for events and parties (and taking Miso out for walks, obviously). I love the shilouette, it creates such a flattering shape and makes me feel cute and feminine. Statement colour-coordinated boots are my go-to year 'round, and I add tights and a fun coat to keep warm when it's chilly out". - Hayley (@hayley_elsaesser)

Shop the look: Mouthy Mini Mod Dress

"I went for another mod-inspired look for this outfit. I started with the UFO straight leg jeans, because I love the fit of them. They’re so flattering with an ankle boot, and the stretch lets me wear tights underneath (which is important for me since I’m always cold af). I paired with this thrifted vinyl jacket, which has the Grim Reaper patch on the back, and I’ve gotten so many compliments about it. This is ultimately a very simple look but has a lot of character". - Cindy (@cindyjun)

Shop the look: UFO Jeans, Grim Reaper Back Patch

"The Cosmic Plaid pants are one of my favourite pieces from the current collection. I love that they look like a basic plaid print at first glance, but on closer inspection reveal the story behind the Cosmic Dread collection printed into the fabric. That type of detailing appeals to me because it shows the care that goes into designing each garment. I paired them with Dr. Marten boots and a Cosmic Dog printed shirt buttoned all the way to the top for a kind of UK punk rock meets rude boy aesthetic. I like the contrast of the proper, almost formal vibe of the pants and shirt contrasting with the tougher appeal of the boots". - Connor (@killacon)

Shop the look: Space Dog Button Up, Plaid Jeans

"I tend to layer a lot when it comes to styling my clothes! My key layering piece is always a collared shirt buttoned to the top peaking over cute shirts! I styled it with this skirt to accentuate the smallest part of my body, I don't have much curves so I like wearing higher rise bottoms to give the illusion I'm not a 16-year-old boy". - Mel (@xmellokitty)

Shop the look: Eye Planet Ribbed Tee, Cat Planet Silky Skirt