Some might say existential philosophy, and anarchist political rhetoric aren’t appropriate for children under the age of 12, but here at Hayley Elsaesser we don’t like to place limits on the intellectual growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Our stance is that a tongue-in-cheek parody hoodie never hurt anyone, and we stand firmly by that! The beautiful Schmied family – Mike, Brittany, Zara and Kingston were gracious enough to come by the store this past Saturday and help us question authority one cheeky t-shirt slogan at a time. Their kids are about as cute as humanly possible, and were amazing models- taking cues, smiling big and posing up a storm.

Our Nausea Nostalgia collection has been wildly popular, and we figured why not outfit the whole family! Kids sizes will be available soon, so you can match your little ones and show the world how clever and fun your family is and reminisce about the 90s before you had responsibilities like taking care of mini humans. Sears might be closed, but the family photo studio at Hayley Elsaesser is alive and thriving.