I’ve recently partnered with Félix & Lucie an amazing new wine brand, and their mission to bring joie de vivre - a life of joy back to Canadians. The first project we worked on is our wine pants, available for purchase for a limited time. 

A recent national survey found that 76% of Canadians take their work into their personal time. I’m definitely guilty of this, being constantly connected to my phone, and never really properly being present and disconnecting. Research proves that that working more hours weakens our social bonds and negatively impacts our overall quality of life.

That is why Félix & Lucie has deemed May 15, #DaytoDisconnect. I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited in participating and spending some quality time with friends.

How does the Félix & Lucie Day to Disconnect work you ask? All you have to do is leave work on time on May 15th, and leave your work there! Make plans to hang with friends and family, or spend some much needed quality time with yourself! Why not make an effort to embrace joie de vivre and truly live in the moment.

Shop our wine pants by clicking the photos below: