On an extremely muggy and humid day, Hayley and I met Allan (@demonall) at the restaurant/bar/club/hotel establishment of The Drake, located on the ever popular Queen Street West (also the home to our flagship!). Allan is a Canadian actor, best known for his role on TV show Fargo. He also recently made his runway debut at our S/S 2019 Clam Dunk Surf Club fashion show. Allan has great personal style; we had a good time mixing HE peices with items from his own wardrobe to create unique looks. Photos here are all on film, which I think appropriately reflects Allan's vintage-heavy style.

Shop the Look: Deja Moon Button Up

Shop the Look: Flip Phone Button Up, Cardigan coming later this fall!

Shop the Look: Locket Love Jeans

UFO Denim Set coming soon! ;)

Shop the Look: Bicycle Tee