At Hayley Elsaesser, we strive to offer a high quality, economical product that is stylish, vibrant, and comfortable. We size our clothing to reflect the reality of the world as opposed to traditional designer sizing which is restrictive and promotes an unhealthy ideal. The very nature of our designs dictates that we MUST custom print our fabric. The vibrancy of our colours and crisp lines of the pop art inspired designs are at the very core of Hayley’s design style. Choosing the right supplier for our garments ensures that Hayley’s designs can exist as they are in her imagination; bright, bold and full of life.

We manufacture in small runs so that our customers can be part of a select few who own each individual piece. Our collections all have a message or story behind them, and when you buy a piece you are part of that story. Our clothes are wearable art pieces, built to be worn season to season, year after year.

Combining comfortable fabrics, bright custom printed colours, small quantities and unique sizing is no small feat. Most North American manufacturers require minimum order quantities far beyond what we can purchase if we want to be able to present a full collection, and very few do custom printing in the fabrics we select to ensure comfort and fit.

China is one of very few locations in the world where we can manufacture our designs affordably, and feel good about doing so. We have built relationships with our Chinese suppliers over years of work, and they have learned to make our pieces thy way they are intended to look, and fit. Unfortunately, there is still some stigma around Chinese manufacturing. This is a remnant of decades old stories about the working conditions in Communist factories. This is no longer a reality. China has allowed it’s citizens working in capitalist cities the freedom to become successful. They have a growing middle class, and their manufacturing prowess is world class. They are no longer the cheapest option.

Our suppliers are vetted and audited on a yearly basis and adhere to strong ethical and social guidelines instituted by international bodies such as the ISO and BSCI. They donate to charities, support their workers and want a better future for their families just like we do. That is why our clothing says ‘Made in China with Love. ’

Like any business we work with new suppliers in order to test out new products like accessories and small goods. We do not go for the lowest cost option, and instead seek out suppliers with whom we can form longstanding working relationships. Of course supporting our local community is important, and we strive to do so wherever possible, but we are putting out our products as ethically as we can whilst maintaining quality, fit, print and price.

If you have any specific questions about where a product is made, please do not hesitate to ask. We value each and every one of our customers and like to think all of you are part of the HE family!