Candy Coated Voodoo


"This was my graduate collection from Queensland University of Technolgy, where I won a competition to show at L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival that I consider the kickstart of my career. I was inspired by the idea of mixing dark, creepy things with bright colours to make them cute."

Redneck Nostalgia


Redneck Nostalgia was special because it was my second collection ever, my first outside of fashion school, and where I debuted my Brewski and Rollin' Dice prints. I was really inspired by classic Americana and the idea that the American Dream was an advertising movement as much as a cultural one.



"My Droogs collection was inspired by the novel and film adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. It was one of my Favourite books as a teenager and opened my eyes to the world of weird and dark stuff. My design process is often inspired by films and their ability to tell stories through stylized vosuals."

Accordion 4