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clothing photos of the drop collection

üblich - German (adjective): normal, common or usual.

a common purveyor of philistine arts.

üblich is the brain child of musician, artist, and creative director Connor ‘killa con’ Elsaesser, a big part of the HE fam (literally) and in business. Utilizing various techniques such as bleaching, painting, and applique, each üblich piece is a one-of-a-kind statement, built with used or vintage pieces that are upcycled into wearable art. Taking inspiration from hip hop, KC remixes each garment through a lens of artistic expression and social commentary and samples elements of sports, hip hop, fashion and philosophy.

An inbuilt dichotomy born at the crossroads of capitalism and anti-consumerism exists in every üblich piece. Mass consumption is an inevitability in our society, but despite this, each ‘common’ everyday citizen can have an impact on the brands, concepts and ideas that gain popularity. By choosing with their purchasing power which values they uphold the individual can have a say in the societal agenda that gets pushed forward. Thus, we can remake our relationship with the commodification of our creative energy, and we can shape the future of consumerism in our own image. There is no trickle down culture.

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