Todays photo story features the beautiful Kat (@_katkhan). We met at my house and wandered around my neighbourhood enjoying the sun. Walking around shooting with a person you just met is such a fun way to get to know someone. I was going for a youthful, ~dreamy~ vibe, hence the name of this post.

Playground Love is one of my favourite movie songs, from The Virgin Suicides, a film/book I absolutely loved in high school. It gave me the idea to make another playlist for you guys, perfect for angsty commuting. I added a lot of my old favourites, which I usually come back to this time of year. If you coudn't tell by my posts my life is ruled by the seasons and weather, and music is no exception.

P.S. Anyone else cheesed that most of Kate Bush's discography is not available on Spotify?

P.P.S. How good does Kat look is pastels???

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