It's no secret that we love to do Instagram giveaways. You may remember a post from a while back where we were offering a personal styling session with Hayley and a photoshoot. The winner was Angie, a teacher, doula, and mom to arguably the cutest (an thick-haired) baby, Henry.

We rolled out the pink carpet and gave Angie the star treatment. Hayley styled her in several looks while Cindy documented all the joy and cuteness. We even custom-made some printed pants for little Henry to do matching looks. We wanted to help put some pep in Angie’s step as she balances her career and new mom duties, so we made sure she left with some new wardrobe staples to help her feel stylish and add happy pops of colour to her life and the lives of the kids and mothers she interacts with daily. Her partner, JR popped in at the tail end of the shoot, and was roped into doing a couple impromptu family glamour shots.

If you’re interested in coordinating a one-on-one styling session of your own, DM or email us for details. Hayley’s favourite part of her job is seeing people light up with confidence when they try on her bold pieces, and we’d love to spread that joy.  

Side note: Can you believe how photogenic, Henry is? It’s actually kind of ridiculous. I’m sure Hollywood will be knocking if these images get into the right hands. Get this kid an agent, ASAP!