Our FW17 collection, Déjà Moon is a nostalgic walk through childhood dreams of talking moons, magic ponies, and heart shaped lockets. Hayley incorporated elements of the My Little Pony universe in her designs, but the collection also alludes to the fleeting, youthful memories we all share. 

Picture a crisp October walk with your best friend. Holding hands with your crush for the first time. Asking the Ouija Board to spell out the answers you've been searching for. Being devastated when your horoscope says the object of your affection isn't a match astrologically. 

The colours and fabrics are designed to elicit these warm, nostalgic feelings as the weather turns chilly and the days get shorter.

Look up to the moon and remember a time when the world seemed shiny and new and it felt like you could do anything you wanted. You can with Déjà Moon! 


Location 1 Photography: Kate Burns

Location 2 Photography: Cindy Jun


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