As seen on HuffPost, People, Self, Refinery 29 and The Today Show, Kenzie Brenna is definitely someone to follow. 

Her unique brand of self love is courageous, inspiring, beautiful and unique. A mix of raw imagery, real talk and tongue-in-cheek commentary, Kenzie is a body positive icon. 

Photographer Kate Burns took an artistic approach to shooting Kenzie, who shared some insight with us on her experiences with fashion and personal style:

“My experience with fashion feels unique but I know it’s quite common. I always thought fashion was for thinner women, that larger or curvier girls couldn’t wear or resemble the looks that were on runways. I thought I had no style until I would be thinner. It wasn’t until fashion extended its sizing and I saw girls my size being stylish and being forward with their fashion choices that I really started to feel comfortable enough to choose fashion as an identity marker rather than succumb to the 'Whatever’s in my closet will do look.' Fashion now helps me feel creative with my individuality and helps me find myself.”

Check out our photo series and stay tuned, we've got more brewing with Kenzie...

Special thanks to Dolorous Jewelry Designs for all the amazing jewelry in this shoot. 



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