We probably all remember getting our first MAC product and the grown-up "I-have-my-shit-together" feeling that accompanied the experience. It turns out I still have  a lot to learn about how to get my shit together a decade-and-a-half later as a 31 year old woman, but that's another story. for a more introspective time. For me, Canadian brand - MAC has been the no-brainer, go-to choice for sparkles for YEARS. Trust me when I say, they know how to do glitter, people! 

If you know me, you know I'm basically a magpie in a woman's body: I am attracted to shiny things. When I received this package from them, my shine-obsessed heart skipped a beat. It was so absolutely sparkly! It's basically holiday makeup in a star-shaped box. What was inside you ask? Get to the point you say? Fine. 

Inside was their new holiday collection, Starring You. It's filled with glorious, glittery products and packaging including star details on the makeup itself. Check out some of the products below or see the whole collection here. 




Left: SPELLBINDER SHADOW Middle: OPALESCENT POWDER  Right: KISS OF THE STARS LIPSTICK and a makeup look I created using the collection. 

Not only are the products, instantly, obviously beautiful, the formula is amazing as well. The lipstick in STARSTRUCK is my favorite lipstick I've tried in a very, very long time (probably since I launched my lipstick collab with Annaeblle, tbh) and I think I'm going to grab ASTERISK as well. The shadows are made of ionized, magnetically-charged pigments that cling to lids "like velvet", so it's basically a loose powder that sticks to itself, meaning it worked well without using too much product. The highlighter aka OPALESCENT POWDER has a very light yet buildable opalescent shimmer that works very well with my fair skin in the pink tone. Finally, there were also some gorgeous lipglosses included that pack a glittery punch as well. 

So, what's the verdict? Cop or drop? To buy or not to buy? For me it's a definite COP. If you love glitter, but seek sophistication this line is absolutely perfect for holiday parties or a bold NYE look.

Final Word: If you're a lady magpie searching for the next shiny item for your sparkly nest, look no further, fam. Highly shoppable. Ca caw!