Has the 1999 music video been making you nostalgic for you childhood pre-Y2K? Has the current political state left your outlook bleak and questioning the state of humanity? Do you love comfortable clothing?

Check out Nausea Nostalgia! A tongue-in-cheek reimagining of nostalgic logos with an existential twist. And they come in hoodie or crewneck sweatshirts for ultimate comfort and winter coziness.

Coincidentally, Happy Place, a pop up installation space recently arrived in Toronto and invited us over to check out their colourful and interactive rooms and take photos of our new drop. We thought it would make for a thoughtful contrast with the more pessimistic theme of the collection. We obviously had so much fun shooting; a lot of the rooms are designed to essentially be a playground for grown ups. Happy Place is open to the public now, buy tickets here!

Models: The amazing Wiz and Min