Toronto is a tough place to make a name for yourself. Everyone is too busy climbing their own ladder to care about yours. This city doesn't want to know about you until the whole world does. We don't want our peers to succeed. You struggle until you make it, and then they'll pretend like they were there all along.

In Toronto we hide in plain sight. We fly under the radar while struggling to convince our neighbours that we deserve a spot amongst the foreign brands they covet. We try to convince our country that our art is worth caring about; that our message has meaning. We try to connect in a city devoid of caring, in a nation that hates pride, and constantly looks outward for validation. We try to succeed in an environment that suppresses success. We find no luxury within our walls. There is no colour in our skyline.

Despite this, two brands have pushed through the noise and are left standing. Five years later and we are still here. We will no longer hide in plain sight. We will paint boldly on the bleak landscape of imitation. We will not be imitated by angry leaders with more money then sense. We will not bow down to Goliath. We are Queen West, and we are still here.

Introducing Hayley Elsaesser X Get Fresh Company.