As a teen I had amazing skin, the type of skin that you could wash with a bar of soap and sleep in your makeup, and it would still look perfect. It wasn’t until I moved overseas to Australia in high school, that I really started struggling with my skin due to the change in climate.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve tried so many things for my skin, some that worked and most that didn’t. I even caved and tried proactive (yikes!). I’ve gotten somewhat of a handle on my skin in the last few years, struggling with uneven skin, and mild acne, but I came to terms with the fact that was the best my skin would be, and there was always makeup.

I’ve always been curious about Dermalogica, and earlier this year we began working on an amazing collaboration together. I always research who I work with, and I was so impressed by the quality and no nonsense approach to skincare. After an amazing treatment in their Toronto location with Maicy, I was absolutely hooked. I picked up a few products that day and within a week or so my skin was just brighter and looked great.  

I worked with Maicy and also got an analysis on their website to introduce a few new products into my daily routine and my skin has never been better. I am now way more confident not wearing makeup, and this summer I’ve only been wearing concealer, ditching foundation, which is a first for me since being an adult! I am so impressed with the change I’ve experienced, so I wanted to share my favourite products!



 From left to right:

Age Bright Start Fader 

This is a product that works to treat active breakouts, and also fade old acne and other marks. As someone with very fair skin, any sort of redness really stands out, and it seems to take my skin quite long to heal. Since using this, all of my old marks are fading tremendously, and breakouts that do happen heal basically overnight. A fun bonus is, I’ve had two red dots on my face I’ve had for many years and they are fading for the first time ever. 

All Over Toner 

I have to use a toner to feel human, and I love the smell of this and the fact that it helps acne and can be used all over your body. I get the occasional back-ne from time to time, so the fact I can use this all over is amazing. 

Active Clay Cleanser + Daily Microfoliant

I must say, this is the product I noticed the biggest difference with. I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel after using it and it’s cleared up my skin incredibly quickly. I actually mix it together with my daily microfoliant when washing my face to get some nice exfoliation happening without adding another step!

Overnight Repair Serum 

I love the idea of making my skin better when I’m sleeping, which is why I was stoked to try this overnight repair serum. It smells amazing and I think it helps my skin feel plump and fresh which is a great feeling before bed.

Bonus! What I want to try next: 

Retinol Clearing Oil

While my skin has improved incredibly, I am still having slight issues with acne and discoloration. I’d love to try this new product next as it has amazing reviews, fights acne and aging, and as a 32 year old this is ideal for me! 

PS: This is not a sponsored post and it was my decision to post this. While I worked on a project with Dermalogica, I personally purchased several of their products, and I was also gifted products after mentioning how happy I had been. I simply wanted to share this because I am so happy with my skin after introducing Dermalogica into my skincare routine!