Fashion loves Fall. Free from the uncomfortable humidity of the summer and the drawn out, bone-chilling winter that feels longer and longer every year, especially for us Torontonians. It's a brief but revered season. By Halloween you have to wear a puffer out over your costume, always heartbreaking. Plus years of back-to-school marketing has conditioned us to seek new clothes at this time-- what else am I going to layer with? A pumpkin spice latte is merely an accessory after all, the true star of Fall is FASHUN.

Most tend to dress in more muted and darker tones as the temperature drops, when really Fall is THE time to play with colour. Layering affords the opportunity to mix and match more pieces, allowing you more freedom to pair interesting textures and colours. Why show off just one top when you can wear two or three? Here's some vibrant outfit ideas that will ensure you're the rockstar on your morning commute. 

Model is the sweetest Dylan

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