Clueless, the most iconic and formative film of the 90s, is a month away from reaching 23 years! It's well old enough to drink in the states! Clueless taught us many life lessons. Like that love conquers all. And that you should avoid balls flying at your nose, post-nose job. But most importantly, it provided essential outfit inspiration that has lasted over two decades. As an homage to one of Hayley's favourite films, I've put together some HE looks inspired buy the quintessential characters!

Cher loves a matching set, and the preppier, the better. And if it shows off the legs? Even better. She also made yellow iconic. Could totally see her in the Scorpion Tennis Set while at the country club.

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Tai -- the new girl/former tomboy. Of course, tomboy + 1990's = shorteralls (Joey Potter, anyone?) These High Times coveralls also reference her taste for "herbal refreshment", and we're sure Travis would approve. Pair with a unisex button down for endless outfit options

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Dionne shares several similarities to Cher; they both were named after great singers of the past who now do infomercials, they know what it's like to have people be jealous of them, and they love matching sets and bare legs. Where their style differs is Dionne goes more edgy where Cher goes preppy. Thus is why the boldness of the Dice shorts and the Scorpion Crop Top pair perfectly for this bff who would never call you selfish to your face. Add a beret for  good measure because Dionne knows how to wear a hat better than anyone. 

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Let us know your fave Clueless quotes! Too many to count but mine is:

-- Cindy xx