By: Amber Schaefer 
Photography:  Lauren Gesswein 

My best friend and I have discovered the secret to buying impractical, kinda' pricey clothing at *half* the cost. We call it "The Collection" and it's our shared closet. We shop together, split the bill, and share the clothes. Simple as that.

"The Collection" is comprised of bold pieces that we've sourced together from around the world: from Morocco to Miami. Each one, aside from being wildly designed, also has a pretty great story.

A little about us: Aelfie and I have been friends for 15+ years; we met at a hippie boarding school in Vermont. Aelfie is a genius rug addict and home designer at her company I am a filmmaker, with a focus on stupid dumb videos like this one I wrote, directed, and starred in for Casper.  The only down side to Aelfie's and I's shared closet is we don't have the same size feet :(