We caught up with Toronto-based twinsters, Mikky and Alex, who have made electronic musical magic together for their sophomore EP “Popular.” Following up their debut EP “Tres Bien,” the twin sisters have literally been working underground on their underground sound, in their basement studio. 2016 was a big year for the duo as they played their first show ever at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, DJ’d at Parts and Labour and booked a slot at Canadian Music Week. Aside from making music, these two have a fearless style that slays and a connection that brings out the best in each other.

1)What is your favourite thing to write about, and what influences your songwriting?

Mikky: Lyrically I'm inclined to write about what I'm feeling, my emotions and expressing things I might not normally admit in conversation. 

2)Tell us about your term DDM (dark dance music) and what it means to you to have this Pop like aesthetic with a twist. How important is it for you to have this emotional outlet?

Mikky: For me, music has always been an outlet for my emotions and keeping good mental health both as a listener and creator. I've always been one to feel, and register my emotions rather than to hide them away.


3) Do you feel it’s important to lose the stigma around mental health and to embrace your emotions in a positive way I.E your dark dance music?

Mikky: I think it's great that we are finally able to have honest conversations about how we're feeling and embracing creative ways to express ourselves. To me, it’s okay to feel sad; it’s okay to not love everything about yourself; It’s okay to get help. What's important is that we acknowledge our emotions; the healthy and unhealthy and try to move forward and embrace life with open arms. After all, we are only human.

4) Twinsperation - Do you feel like you have any moments where you share the same brain? How is it working with your other half?

Mikky: I think we have really similar thought patterns so it really helps our ideas to be cohesive. Working together is so much fun. We trust our criticisms and learn from our mistakes together. We push one another to be better. 

5) How does your personal style differ? Does one of you take more fashion risks? How do you influence each other?

Alex: I think I take more style risks when styling a shoot or performance but in my personal style I tend to wear what I'm comfortable in or what makes me feel good. I think Mikky wears whatever she wants and is willing to take style risks in her personal style. Sometimes she'll walk out of her room wearing PVC pants and a fishnet top and other days she'll wear a vintage tee and our mom's old jeans with running shoes. 

Mikky: I think I have a more diverse range of things I like to wear. Some days I'll wear the most out-there outfit and other days I'll wear my grocery store look. That's why fashion is fun. I really see it as a reflection of how you're feeling and how you want to be seen. I see it as an extension of self expression. 

6) How do you create your on stage look? Is it important to you to stand out and express yourself through fashion and style?

Mikky: Fashion is so important in the sense that it is one of the only unspoken markers and expressers of one's self. My stage look is primarily driven by me telling myself to wear exactly what I want to wear without a care in the world. 

7) What does it mean for you to be a feminist in the music industry?

Mikky: I am so proud to be a feminist. It's pretty crazy to see how much of a boys club the music industry is. One of my favourite questions to answer after our shows is, "Wow, who else produces your music?" I always laugh and explain to them it's just us. Almost always, they are floored. That’s when you realize that we still have a ways to go in being treated equally even in our society. 

8) Tell us a little bit about your background. Growing up speaking Cantonese and listening to Cantonese music, did this influence your music? How has this shaped you as adults growing up in Canada?

Alex: The melodies from Cantonese music definitely influenced our ears. It was the only thing we listened to until Britney Spears came out with 'Baby One More Time.' When making music we don't look for other music for inspiration so it hasn't shaped the music sonically but I think having that as a memory influenced us in some way. There's one song in particular called, 'Too Young to Settle' which has Asian influences, like the strings you hear. 

9) What is coming up for Mikky and Alex that we should keep an eye out for? 

Mikky: We are currently on hiatus. I'm working on a side project called Visual Aesthetic.

Alex: And Mikky is going solo as Mikky Patrick with an upcoming debut Solo EP . 

With their unique style both musically and sartorially, we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Mikky and Alex. If you want to see more check out their website www.mikkyandalex.com