Hey guys, it's Cindy! I recently shot artist/rock climber/HE friend Alisson (@ms_escobutt) when she came by our studio/office last week. I love to style shoots and had so much fun styling these looks. So, I figured I would write a little styling guide to help maximize your summer HE looks! I don't know about you guys but it took me approximately 30 minutes to figure out my outfit this morning, so the more creative outfit combos to reference, the better!



Being able to be out in just a sports bra as a top is a luxury I am grateful for in the summer. Let your lower ribs see the sun while being comfortable and supported (literally). I like to contrast the exposed midsection by throwing on a jacket. If you want to go full athleisure, pair with a track jacket or bomber! For this look on Alisson, I went for a more structured look with my favourite moto jacket.

Shop the Look: Colour Block Moto Jacket  



On the theme of bras, why not try it out as outerwear? Bralettes and corset-tops can be so versatile when layered over a patterned top. The femininity of underwear is re-contextualized when worn over a mens-style button down. 

Shop the Look: Banana Button Up (almost all gone!)



I personally have developed a strong attraction to midi lengths for this summer. Most people would consider it conservative but I actually think its quite sexy! Plus when it has a cigarette print, it's bound to get you comments! I love to style a sleeveless dress like this with a plain white tee underneath to dress it down, but this milkmaid-style blouse offers the added interest of these voluminous bishop sleeves.

Shop the Look: Ciggy Dress


Fishnets: impossible in the winter, a go-to to edge-up your look in the summer. Cut out a hole at the crotch and feet and boom! You have a fishnet top too! Perfect for transitioning this cotton shirt dress from day to night. 

Shop the Look: Motorcycle Button Up Dress



When I was 12 my go-to outfit was layering long-sleeve shirts under a t-shirt. Now it gets a (MUCH) cuter update when its a crop top over a sheer sleeve.

Shop the Look: Scorpion Tennis Tee

Let me know your styling tips for this summer!